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About Us


Our reason for being is to enliven your wellness and heighten your senses.

We believe that your well-being is our priority.

By integrating hydration, nutrition, and energy into our well-crafted creations to enhance your

wellness journey.

Fresh Beetroots


Quinn grew up in northern California and spent an extensive part of her life traveling & living in different parts of the world.  As a child, she was constantly searching for ways to express her passion for entrepreneurship.  Her dream of pursuing a career in entrepreneurship was interrupted by a series of illnesses which led Quinn to appreciate life & wellness even more. 

The love she has for wellness, innovation, and family guide her to create AQUA REE.   


Different Wellness Goals? One Solution… 

UPBEET makes you feel great with just a beet away.  Wellness never tasted so good!


Our company is proud to pledge 1% of our revenue to our “Impactful Wellness” campaign that will make a difference to the community.   

A note from our founder

Many of you may have recalled the fond memory of the lemonade stand.  My first lemonade stand was founded in 1990 something to show people how to make lemonade.  I took the liberty to reinvent the concept.  Fast forward to 2018, my adult version of a lemonade stand is to create innovative wellness products that would change the world and simplify life.   


Unlike my one-person lemonade stand, my dream and passion for AQUA REE requires many experts to bring my idea to life.  To that end, I am very grateful for everyone who has supported my vision and ideas throughout this journey like our partners, my family and especially you – the trail blazer that embraces our concept which give us a chance to continue to create & innovate.  Many thanks! 


From our family to yours…please stay well & UPBEET!  

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