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Impactful Wellness

Image by Natalie Behn

We Adopt a Holistic Approach: 

Our holistic approach provides you with products that are natural.  To maintain an equilibrium between mind & body. 

Our creations, made of root vegetables powder and vitamins. 

Create your version of Hydrition (yes! A combination of Hydration and Nutrition) Booster with our UPBEET by mixing it into your favorite drink. Add it to a latte, smoothie, or any cold drink, to complete your daily nutritional routine. 

Calm Sea

Our commitment to Impactful Wellness

At AQUA REE, our passion for wellness is reflected in our beverages and the Hydrition (Hydration + Nutrition) Concept of REE Mix. In addition to the innovative products, we are proud to introduce the Impactful Wellness Philosophy with a guiding principle to enhance the well-being of our community.


It is our pleasure and honor to provide complementary products and incentives to frontline workers, military family members, and teachers. Our company feels confident that together, we can make a substantial difference to all.

Looking forward to making an impact together!

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