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You had me at Honey Almond Latte!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

As the fall fast approaching, I am in search for a warm cup of perfection. A latte that gives me a sense of comfort & somehow everything will be just fine. You properly wonder how is that even possible. Well, you may be surprised to know the "Honey Almond Latte" at Nordstrom EBAR is more than just a latte. It always has a consistent amount of honey flavored without being overly sweet and the almond milk makes me feel so healthy that I may just skip my gym altogether. :-)

So the story goes....I spent so much time traveling that the only few consistent things in my life besides my family would be to find places to feel like "home away from home" for me. Nordstrom EBAR & restaurants have become my family along with the W hotels. It is comforting to know that it doesn't matter where I am...There will always be an EBAR or Nordstrom restaurants near by.

If our path ever crosses, would love to know your favorite item on their menu.

Until then...Please stay well & UPBEET!

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