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Do you believe in love at first sight?

Well, do you? And it is not just the song by Dionne Warwick but actually believe that it exists. So, you probably wonder what love has to do with A.R. Would you believe me if I say that love is what created A.R and so much more?

I have been waiting for a very special moment to share my sentiment about love with you. It all begins with my childhood. It was quite unconventional to say the least. When kids my age were out playing, I was struggling to stay healthy with just a simple wish that someday I would be well enough to travel the world without any fear of constantly being sick. With a lot of help and perseverance that lead me on my journey to wellness. It has helped me to become who I am today.

Flash back to when each moment of my life was so uncertain, I realized how special all the little things in life have become. The presents that wish you well are not just things, but they symbolize so much more, a symbol of hope and it came from a place of love. Would you like to venture a guess to why I am so head over heels with Nordstrom?

Which leads me to the present time, where the holidays provide us with a chance to celebrate the one that we love and take a moment to realize how truly fortunate we are to be loved.

Before I share with you my first crush. I would encourage you to take a moment and reminiscing about yours. As fast as time is passing us by, these moments are what really counts.

May this beautiful holiday season fill your heart with love, your home with joy, and your life with laughter. Happy Holidays to you & yours!

Please stay well & UPBEET!

"Dear Nordstrom,

I hope this note finds you well. Even though many years have passed, my feelings for you stay consistent. You are not just my first say that you hold a special place in my heart is an understatement. Because of you I find inspirations for style for myself and my family. Your restaurants & EBAR bring comfort when the world takes me for a spin. :-) To that, I would like to say "Many thanks" for being you! Please continue to be your fabulous self, because of my crush for you that made me who I am today."

Forever yours,



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