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A confession of a smoothie-aholic…

Hello again…It has been a while and I do apologize for the long absence. Like a lot of you, I was adjusting and navigating the pandemic. Making the best out of the current situation which led me to look inward. What do I want to do differently with my life? Shopping/Fashion has always been a passion of mine growing up…So much so that my friends would send me a link to the movie “A confession of a shopaholic” with a note that said “We thought of you while watching this...LOL"

Well, you will be glad to know that since then, I have grown & matured…and found another passion. This pandemic has changed my life forever and made me realize that Wellness is always in fashion.

Fashion leads me directly to find comfort at the Nordstrom - EBAR and it was love at first sight for me with “UPBEET & BERRY smoothie” …Must have it, need to have it and only 220 calories. Am I dreaming? If I am, please don’t wake me up. It includes all my favorite ingredients and so much more…I don’t want to spoil the ending because I would love for you to try it yourself. Please visit your nearest Nordstrom - EBAR.

So, you can safely say that I am making progress with my shopping habits, but this smoothie is here to stay. The UPBEET & BERRY smoothie is more than just a drink for me, it is the important first step to a healthier lifestyle.

Until next time…Please stay well & UPBEET!

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